About us

sea-tech POLAND was established by three marine engineers: Piotr Gutowski, Krzysztof Pacholik and Józef Stolz (†) who worked as independent superintendents and surveyors for ship-owners during the new building, docking and running vessels repair. Idea of creation a new Marine Engineering Group was to concentrate the best managers and engineers on giving technical supports and representing ship-owners and insurance interests.

Why using sea-tech POLAND for docking and repair Your Vessel?

  • Because we are dry docking and repairing more than 40 vessels per year, so You can benefit from our experience
  • Because we know which Yard is busy and overbooked so we can provide You with inside information and possible alternatives
  • Based on repair specification we are able to choose individually the best Yard for Your vessel
  • Because price wise You will have nothing to gain – our price offers are negotiated!
  • Because we have built personal relation with the Yards which smooth out the process

sea-tech POLAND


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